Pictures from the “Blackstar”

The reference in Bowie’s track Blackstar to the village of Ormen (which means serpent in Norwegian) led me to a flicker account “the village of ormen” which mysteriously appeared, coinciding the album’s release, and very, very much connected with the subject matter. Check this out, and you be the judge!

This is a small selection of the images available there, it’s not a trip. This is the end game, all you Bowie fans, embrace the world envisioned for you by H.G. Wells, or something even darker. This is a portal to the subconscious, a linking of humanity to a mutated carcass, anyway, please visit this blog, and pass along links to people. I will start writing on a regular basis.

The Death Star of Contemporary Culture

death_star1The process of gnosis, that is gaining true knowledge of one’s self and the world, is rendered extremely difficult due to the implosion of contemporary culture, and it’s associated value system. One of the significant forces of music is to sustain traditions over time and impart cultural values. The conditions of permanent revolution are ultimately destructive to all participants.

Natural evolution, and even natural revolutions produce music that resonates with feelings and energy of the times, connecting individual experience to the wider field of collective experience. To equate continual debasement with progress is the revolutionary model—resulting in the end stage of annihilation of creativity, language, and musical sound. Plato certainly knew at least something about society when he discussed the effect of music on the youth. Watch the to two videos below and let me know what you think!

In the first video, the mkultra, occult, demonic possession, Satanic ritual abuse, and the merging of individual minds into the fractured group mind, degraded and abused by the quest for power.

David Bowie’s video is a coupling of multiple intense occult references, primarily to the Dark Star of Saturn, the opposite of the sun. It invokes self abuse, demonic possession, and ritual murder as a pathway to joy, mastery, and success.

Both of these videos are, in essence, occult rituals. PizzaGate is a dead end, in that the code words are a perfect ‘limited hangout’ or simply disinformation, that will result in the rejection of the actual practices, available for viewing to anyone who as eyes, and continue the social polarization of America, allowing the ‘Blackhole Sun,’ the ‘Dark Star,’ and Bowie’s Pentagram ‘Blackstar’ to ascend over the horizon of the degraded, abused, and somnambulant masses.